Carterra LSA Platform

Instrument Bionano Saphyr

Instrument Nanostring

Optics Engineering

  • Theoretical design and modeling
  • Rapid breadboard feasibility analysis and testing
  • Custom imaging and non-imaging detection systems
  • Custom illumination systems
  • Custom light pipe design
  • Fluorescence and polarization-based epi-illumination systems
  • On-the-fly data acquisition and analysis
  • High volume, low cost systems
  • Low volume, custom engineered solutions
  • Single and multi-mode fiber optic systems
  • F-Theta scanning systems
  • High speed, high magnification scanning imaging systems

Recent projects:

  • Scanning F-Theta detection system with integrated, scanning MEMS mirror
  • Visual alignment system for opaque samples designed for up to 90% obscuration of the clear aperture, and user selectable specular or scattered reflection detection
  • Tissue proximity sensor
  • LED illuminator for fluorescence detection
  • High speed, high magnification scanning imaging systems ranging from custom lab-on-a-chip fluorescent nanosphere detection to standard microscope slide imaging of clinically prepared tissue
  • Custom light-pipe

Mechanical Engineering

  • System engineering
  • Airflow analysis
  • Shock and vibration analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Tolerance and dimensional analysis
  • Chassis and enclosure design
  • Design for cost reduction
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for serviceability
  • Consumables
  • Pneumatics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer

Mechanical Engineer working in lab

Electrical Engineering

  • Hardware/software/firmware system architecture and design
  • User interface development and mockup
  • Design and test documentation
  • Board layout and design
  • Cables/wiring harness design
  • Manufacturing transfer and production support
  • Design and testing for regulatory compliance (CE, UL, FDA, others)
  • Embedded system design (SBC, microcontroller, DSP/FPGA/CPLD)
  • Power conversion and distribution
  • EMC system architecture and design
  • Fluidic control and measurement electronics (valves, pumps, sensors)
  • Communication interfaces and protocols (serial, parallel, Ethernet, RF, IR, others)
  • Robotic (motion) control systems
  • Thermal control and management systems
  • Sensor technologies and remote measurements
  • Data acquisition and signal conditioning
  • Image capture and signal processing
  • Electro-optical design (LED, laser, PMT, APD, others)
  • Microfluidic electronics designs (electrophoresis, EWOD)
  • Battery power electronics to high power electronics designs

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